Finished SALs / SALs Terminés

Here are the first 3 pictures of the finished SAL – aren’t they lovely?  Voici les premiers 3 photos des SALs terminés – ils sont beaux?

Keep sending your pics to us – by e-mail is probably best – we are going to set up a Gallery on the site to keep all the photos in!  Envoyez-nous les photos – par mail c’est mieux – – nous organiserons un Gallery pour garder tous les photos sur le Blog!

If you are still stitching, please make sure you have downloaded all the charts you need before September as the SAL will be withdrawn then ahead of a new one for the Autumn!  Si vous continuez à broder, verifiez-vous que vous avez téléchargé tous les parties du SAL parce qu’il retirera en septembre avant d’un nouveau pour automne!

SAL – by Georgena

SAL by Connie W

SAL – by Janet (aiguilleanglaise)

6 thoughts on “Finished SALs / SALs Terminés

  1. Grâce à Brodstich je découvre ce blog et le SAL Mystère. Je me suis inscrite à la Newsletter car j’ai envie de suivre vos aventures. Amitiés

  2. Love this pattern and decided to go and download all the parts of this but cannot seem to find the pattern for parts 1 and 2. Did I miss out on this?

    Rebecca in IA

    • Hi Rebecca
      Thanks for your comment. Parts 1 and 2 can still be found on the blog. If you click on the category button Stitch Along and scroll right down to the posts of 8th February and 22nd January these are the posts for parts 1 and 2 of the SAL.

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