SAL Part 4 Stitched / SAL Partie 4 Termine

I have completed part 4 of the SAL – it’s coming along nicely!  You can begin to see the log cabin effect now.  Has anyone a photo of their work in progress to share?

J’ai termine partie 4 du SAL – il marche bien!  L’effet du “Log Cabin” a commence, maintenant.  Avez-vous un photo de votre SAL pour partager?

6 thoughts on “SAL Part 4 Stitched / SAL Partie 4 Termine

  1. I’m working on part 3 and am enjoying stitching this. I’m looking forward to starting part 4 but noted that some of the symbols are not on the key. Is there an updated key?

    • Hi Connie
      Thanks for your comment. I have looked at the published chart for part 4 and can see that it has some different symbols to those it should have! All the symbols should be on the key and clearly they are not! I’m away at the moment so will publish a revised chart for everyone next week. Thanks for spotting this error and I hope it won’t delay your stitching too much. Regards Janet

      • Janet,
        Thanks for the response. I finished part 3 and started part 4 because I just couldn’t put this down! I’m using your picture of part 4 as a guide but tthere may be some variation from your charted colors. happy stitching. connie

  2. Hallo Janet,
    auch ich habe den Sal gestickt und würde dir gerne ein Foto senden. Ich habe leider keine Email Adresse gefunden!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Mechthild

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