Kate Greenaway Cross Stitch – Kate Greenaway Point de Croix

kate greenaway alphabet

Designs inspired by the English illustrator Kate Greenaway have been made into cross stitch and are the subject of various articles.  Here is the wikipedia link to the story of Kate Greenaway.

Dessins s’inspiraient par la illustratrice anglaise Kate Greenaway existent en point de croix.  Voici le lien de Wikipedia avec la histoire de Kate Greenaway.

kate greenaway playtime

Here is a link to a popular French cross stitch blog detailing her personal experience of Kate Greenaway designs.  Tresors de boites à couture.

Voici un lien à Tresors de boites à couture avec une article des modèles de point de croix de Kate Greenaway.

Here is a English company who sell Kate Greenaway Designs.  Millennia Designs

Voici un societé anglais qui vends les modèles de Kate Greenaway. Millennia Designs

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